Photo of 9/11 Memorial Fountain taken by myself on 3/28/16

A special thanks to the fine gentlemen of Fieldwork for their incredible efforts in organizing and hosting their third annual Metropolitan Audio Pain Source festival in Brooklyn, NY over the past weekend.

A supreme hails to all in attendance.

Lastly, The new demo tape of Striations is here however there have been several complications at the duplication plant and thus these tapes will be delayed for another month or so. Thanks for your patience.

Striations - Stalking Chameleon C30 (FORCE_XXXVIII)


[NF24] Article Collection - Looking Back At The Sun Tape (Ltd.33)
[NF23] Crown Of Cerberus - Les Roses Sanglantes Tape (Ltd.50)
[NF22] Interracial Sex - Raceplay Tape (Ltd.50)
[NF21] Miscreant - The Noose Slowly Tightens Tape (Ltd.74)
[NF20] VA - Cadavers' Holding Knives Compilation CDR + 3"CDR (Ltd.150)
[NF19] GX Jupitter-Larsen - A Day In The Life Digital Download
[NF18] Striations / Richard Ramirez - Pleasure Is Only An Illusion Tape&CDR (Ltd.50)
[NF17] Albert Fish Is My Hero - Lesopolosa 3"CDR (Ltd.150)
[NF16] Pyrrhic Thanatology Monger - Socio CDR (Ltd.13)
[NF15] Forked - S/T Tape (Ltd.45)
[NF14] Developer / Crown Of Bone Tape (Ltd.66)
[NF13] Legless - Degenerate Lust CDR (Ltd.50)
[NF12] Lord Of The Dead - Wood And Nail CDR (Ltd.50)
[NF11] Prosektor - Schizophrenia CDR (Ltd.50)
[NF10] E-Yard - The Swallowing Victim CDR (Ltd.30)
[NF09] Circuit Wound - Fight Or Flight CDR (Ltd. 65)
[NF08] Winters In Osaka - Back To The Grave Tape(Ltd.75)
[NF07] Emil Beaulieau - Abusing The Little Ones PRO CDR (Ltd.200)
[NF06] Xome - Complete Electronic Broken 3" CDR (Ltd.50)
[NF05] Hora Flora - Portland Oakland Olympia Providence Tape (Ltd.40)
[NF04] Streetmeat - Trail Of Death CDR (Ltd.69)  
[NF03] Spring Noise Blowout CDR (Ltd.30)
[NF02] Bagman / Striations Tape (Ltd.90)
[NF01] White Walls - M.E.N.T.A.L.I.L.L.N.E.S.S. CDR (Ltd.60)
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